People enjoy drowning in their own misery.
They provoke it.
They seek it.
And once it’s there,
They hold on to it tighter than anything they’ve ever held on to.

It’s crazy and it’s sad
But it’s true.
I’d know.
It sums up my life so far.

Moon’s not the same anymore.
Or is it me?
Change is inevitable.
It’s scary and it’s crazy and it’s sad but it’s real.

Change is real
And no matter how much we try to ignore it
No matter how many times it passes by us and we pretend we don’t recognize it
We pretend it’s not there
Making ourselves believe that a gentle breeze was caressing our skin while
In fact
We were being sucked into a hurricane.
Change sneaks in and settles down where no one would notice it
So comfortably uncomfortable.

Change nests and breeds and invades.
And it kills.
So why change.



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