don’t stop spinning
the universe won’t
so don’t.

don’t stop spinning
the waves will crash all over again
and your heart will skip
two thousand fifty-five billion beats
don’t let it crash against your bones
against your wounds
and don’t let your blood turn to wine
your blood will never turn to wine

don’t stop spinning
because the earth won’t
the planets won’t
the universe won’t
stop spinning.

don’t stop spinning
because stillness is not for you
leave it for dying rivers and fading suns
because motion is essence
because dizziness is bliss
and falling will make you realize
we are all gravity’s slaves

and gravity will keep us spinning
like the blood in our veins
the air in our lungs
the thoughts on your mind
and my tongue in your mouth

stop spinning.
just stop.
look around.
was it worth spinning for.

your universe just di[e]d.




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